Patriots Spygate: outside observer opinion

by Ken
(Orange, California)

Looking at this as a football fan I see every coordinator covering their mouth before they call in a play. Why would they do that if they were was not a threat of the other team stealing their signals.

The jets were told to stop taping from the field last year in New England, isn't that doing the same thing. The only thing I see that Patriots did was they were filming from the wrong location and they were arrogant enough to do it after the letter had gone out stating they could not do it from the sidelines.

The Patriots are being portrayed as the only team that has done this, yet other coaches have admitted they have done it. The patriots are not the only team stupid enough to have tried to do it after the memo went out.

They were caught in the first half of the first game in 2007, please tell me how that would effect any of the games after they were caught violating the memo? I think the fine was so high because they did exactly what the memo said they could not do. I do not think it was as much the infraction as the arrogance to do exactly what they were told not to do.

For those people that feel it taints the previous Super Bowls please tell me how. If was not against the rules and others have stated they did it, why decide that the Patriots are the only team that should be penalized.

Has anyone looked into any other past champion to see if they used any form of recording teams? No, because everyone is doing it, even today, every team tapes the other team.

If you think they are not trying to get an advantage by determining what the other teams signals mean, you’re kidding yourself. Before people pass judgment on any team they should look at the league as a whole and determine if it is an individual act or league wide. The Patriots are considered the best team in the league, and that makes them the number 1 target.

Remember that there is proof that the Jets were caught taping on the sidelines last year, if all teams play by the same rules why didn’t they get fined, as was stated in this article the memo went out September 2006.

I guess everyone loves to hate the team on top.

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