Patriots Not Undefeated Because They Taped Signals

by Jay
(natchez, ms)

I love the NFL. Modern day gladiators if you will. I now wonder if other teams in the NFL watch, copy, memorize, record other teams signals?

Hey! Maybe that's why my Dallas Cowboys lost?? You think? maybe......Or did they lose just because they fell apart? If the other team knows what you are going to run simply change the signals. I know that and I don't make 5 million a year. Shouldn't the opposing coach know that?

Isn't that what they are paid for and why they make the big bucks? I would think so! I am not a Pats fan by any means, but I truely do not believe that taping their signals is why they are undefeated.

It's because they are a VERY GOOD TEAM. Nuff said??

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