Patriots No Better Than Black Sox

by C. Neel
(Louisville KY)

I have personally said for years that the patriots are little better than the black sox. For a few years i also was naive enough 2 think that the cheating was limited to the Patriots.

Then the Steelers were handed a Super Bowl victory on a golden whistle strewn platter. I now realize that the game of professional football is enveloped in a whirlwind of bogus calls and misinformation.

Goodall stands 2 make the biggest profit off of the Patriots unblemished season, hence the passive almost comical punishments doled out to the Patriots.

I think that football fans everywhere are being insulted by the non-action of the league and the fact that even though we know they cheat they still threaten one of the purest records in professional sports history.

I would also like to call out ESPN for skating around the issue and would like to make a plea for the integrity of the game. As long as the Patriots are allowed 2 continue 2 make a mockery of the game I will never have my heart fully in the football season.

I believe that ala Pete Rose anyone on the team with knowledge of cheating should be banned and disassociated from the NFL. Do not mistake the last statement as a call for blood, it is merely a fans plea for justice.

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