Patriots Haters: Get your facts straight and put aside your jealousy

by Bryan Janisse
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

Ok, firstly all you rampant patriot haters should just get out. The only reason your posting here is because the patriots are better than your team. Now to business.

Doing 20 min of research using only google (pretty simple guys) i've easily found these facts to be true:

yes, yous are right, billichick admitted to taping signals since he started coaching the patriots and a patriots staff member was found taping signals during the jets game. this all happened and we all know it happened.

Heres something interesting though. Goodell specifically states in an interview that "the patriots gained no advantages by taping the signals of opponent because most teams actively do it". now before you go saying thats bull.. NFL teams are ALLOWED to film game footage for there own records HOWEVER!! NOT from locations that can exclusivly be accessed by staff members.

this means...filming from stands, luxury booths, media booths etc. ALLOWED. filming from the field, coaches booth etc. not allowed.

so the actual REAL problem with what belichick did? Taped the jets from the feild rather than the stands. i completely agree that this is cheating. so does billichick. he admits it, the patriots admit it, he and the patriots payed there fine. (just as a note, the jets were caught just the previous year by the patriots for the exact same thing except during a playoff game and were fined just the same).

so lets look at the facts...every other team can do it, some have gotten caught, those teams were fined and penalized, no one cared. now take a very good, very envied, superbowl winning team on the verge of a perfect season...different outcome all of a sudden huh? seems to me alot of poeple (ie. media, rival teams, patriot haters etc) seen this as an opportunity to bash the patriots and bring them down to their level. its nonsense and childish. Give it up guys.

P.s as further proof of this "taping scandel" not giving the pats an advantage at all -- They're still winning games, destroying teams and making playoffs with ease year after year even with the nfl's close watch.

explain that one.

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