Oregon Talent Will Beat Auburn in the 2011 BCS Championship Game

by Ben Buss
(Alabama )

It is down to Auburn vs Oregon for all the marbles. This year, no different than any other, there will be grumblings from other schools saying,"we should've been there." All those arguments aside, valid or not, this is the game. Future Heisman trophy winner Cam Newton will lead the explosive juggernaut at Auburn vs. an equally explosive team from the northwest, Oregon.

I have not read much, as of yet, about this game, but without looking at stats, weaknesses, strengths or history. I am picking Oregon to win and I will try to explain. There's an old adage that ,"sometimes it is better to be lucky than good." I am not saying that Auburn does not have a fine team, and that Mr. Newton is an exceptional player. What I am saying is, they have one of the worst secondaries in recent history.

Being a 'Bama' fan, but also realistic, I thought our secondary was atrocious until we played Auburn. Despite Auburn's perfect record, some of their victories have been about as much good fortune as good football. The Clemson game quickly comes to mind. The guy makes a field goal in overtime. A five yard offsides moves them back and he misses the re-kick. Please don't start me on the Alabama game. I have watched football for a long time, But I never recall seeing a ball travel greater than 20 yards, when a guy was that close to the sideline and the ball not go out of bounds. The Mark Ingram fumble will forever stick out in my mind. An absolutely amazing play, from a guy with over 600 touches and one career fumble lost to that point.

Amazing comebacks and amazing events has been the norm for Auburn this year. Over time, I just feel that talent wins out. Oregon has a had few scares, but nothing sustainable. Oregon has also not spent nearly one third of their season coming from behind. The Oregon running game with balanced passing will put up lots of points. Auburn will counter with their share as well. In the end, talent wins out and Oregon has more.

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Jan 03, 2011
nice to see a non bias sec fan
by: Anonymous

Its great to see a sec fan make a thoughtful selection and actually not pick a sec team.I know several sec fans and most of them picked the sec to go 10 and 0 this bowl season. Most people would know that is ridiculous I picked them to go 5 and5 and it looks like that will be closer to reality. I'm not saying the sec is not a good confrence that would be equally stupid. But I have grown tired of the mentality that just because you play in the sec you are unbeatable. Glad to see you root for you team, bama and not just a confrence like so many I know.

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