Old School Football

by derek

Belechek, Kraft, Goodell and every guilty referee belong in orange prison fatigues for rigging games, destroying evidence before it became evidence, and controlling game outcome on an unlevel playing field , with taping and camera rules that were spelled out, black and white,for the start of the 2000 season and beyond!

Add the phantom penalties and flags at key moments in the game and you have 23 of 26 playoff games won by 3 pts or less including 3 "Stuper Bowls" by this bum **** sand lot team!

No talent or numbers prior to their 18-1 perfect season run to a perfect *** rheeming and defeat by the perfect up set team in the Giants who played brilliant football and stole the game with grit, guts, sweat, and heart. A Hick beat a Mick with 3 stunning victories in extreme brutal playing conditions to get to the big show!

Brady was counting his endorsements with a perfect season before he realized he had been undressed and sniped out of legend.

Thank God the Giants saved the Dolphin legacy. That Dolphin team was a true hall of fame team at every position with big numbers to prove it!

NY came on late like a triple crown winner in the last turn for the stretch and stomped this media made dynasty out of the books!

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