No love for Florida and Other SEC Week 1 Thoughts

by Tony C
(Ocala, Fl)

I love the way journalism is structured to sway opinion one way or the other. Alabama plays a not-so-talented Kent State and wins 48-7, gets a respectable review and is touted a championship contender.

Next week they play away at Penn State who is coming off a 41-7 win over Indiana State. I can't say who will win, but predicting 24-14 with 'Bama on top is prematurely optimistic. In Tuscaloosa, sure, the score would be much higher. The Nittany Lions have Joe Paterno's back too much to lose this game.

Florida played a somewhat talented Florida Atlantic and wins in a similar fashion 41-3 and gets a single line. C'mon guys, at least say something more about Muschamps debut! Brantley looked better than in any game he's played at UF. He stood in the pocket and seemed at ease, completing 21 of 30 passes with 2 int's for a total of 271 yards. Jordon Reed, B/U QB from last year has been moved to tight end. Sturgis is back as kicker, making 2 of 2 FG's with a long of 51 yards. Hey, let's give the Gators some love here!

Let's not forget South Carolina who played an equally less than talented East Carolina. Sure, they scored 56 points, but they allowed 37 points against Nobody U! Try winning with those numbers against the D of LSU or 'Bama. At one point SC was down 17 points and had to allow Garcia to play even though he apparently was benched after a 5th suspension for off field problems. Spurrier apparently caved to the Powers that Be and let him play anyway. What good is a suspension if it is lifted just to win a ball game? An opening day loss due to his absence might have gotten his attention. Whatever....

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Sep 07, 2011
Ole Miss Played Someone
by: Clay

giving all respect to alabama,and lsu...You harp on olemiss for losing..They actually played somebody other than what alabama and the rest of the sec played...its amazing how you disrespect...Perhaps you just another tide fan....Hotty Toddy!!!

Sep 08, 2011
Love is on the way Tony!
by: Coach Scooter


My SEC Brotha! Sorry if you felt like the Gators got the shaft last week. Trust me, I think they are going to do great things this year, so don't worry about not getting any love now, it will be coming soon. Remember in the SEC, it's a Marathon, not a sprint and there is a long way to go.

Thanks for the note, and keep reading. It is great fans like you that I enjoy writing for since your passion for your school is something all us SEC fans have and appreciate.

By the way, give me best to Mr. Two Bits, who is an icon in Gator country. (Bet you didn't think I knew about him, did ya? haha)

Sep 08, 2011
Clay, you got it all wrong!
by: Coach Scooter

Hello Clay:

You got Coach Scooter all wrong! I grew up in Knoxville so it's Big Orange all the way (although we don't have much going our way this year...haha) and if I ever, ever root for the Crimson Tide, may the ghost of General Neyland strike me down! haha

Seriously, I am a closet Ole Miss fan, as well as my best bud here in Atlanta, Coach B. We got to hittin' the brown Saturday night and all we could talk about was how Ole Miss lost and it ruined our weekend. Coach B even said, "Ya know, we should have gone to Ole Miss," which I agreed with. Remember in the article I did write that Ole Mis broke my heart again....;)

After UGA went into the tank, I had to give LSU some props for saving the rest of the SEC"s butt, so that you have to admit was a good move. And as far as Bama, they are the highest ranked SEC team, so I have to give them a little love. Or maybe it's "Tainted Love...whoa whoa....haha)

Clay, thanks for the note. I would love to come to Ole Mis sometime and get a HUGE Hotty Toddy! Keep the faith, my Bro, and get those Rebs going, all right?

Sep 09, 2011
Thanx Coach
by: Tony C

I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict the following: Florida will take the SEC East. The Gators should win up to Oct 1 when we play 'Bama in The Swamp. This will be THE first test of Muschamp and will either make or break the season. The next game is against LSU in Baton Rouge. I'm backing the Lizards 100%, but we may just get a butt kickin' after seeing the Tigers against Oregon. Please Brantly, prove me wrong!The only threat is South Carolina who will lose to Mississippi State and Arkansas, so Florida will embarrass them in Columbia on Nov 12. LSU and Alabama will battle for the SEC West, but that one is a toss-up. Either way it will be a rematch. I have no idea how that will turn out. The only thing that could change any of this is Murphy's Law. There is that..

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