NFL farce of an "investigation"

by EJ

Check this info out:

Told of the newest allegation (regarding spying on the Rams prior to their 2002 Super Bowl matchup), league spokesman Greg Aiello told The Associated Press:

"We were aware of the rumor months ago and looked into it. There was no evidence of it on the tapes or in the notes produced by the Patriots, and the Patriots told us it was not true."

According to the Sunday Feb 3 edition of the New York Times, in which former prosecutors questioned the thoroughness of the NFL's investigation, it took no more than 12 days to complete, and allowed the Patriots to decide what material in violation of league rules it turned over.

This is akin to asking O.J. Simpson if he killed his wife & to ask him to turn over all evidence of having done so. Upon being told by O.J. that he didn't kill his wife & that he had no evidence to provide, the District Attorney dismisses the case citing a lack of evidence that O.J. killed his wife because O.J. said he didn't do it & hadn't provided any evidence of it!!

Which, of course, is astoundingly preposterous.

Is the NFL for REAL????!!!!!

Remember, this isn't some flunkie cited above.
This is an official NFL spokesman, authorized to speak for the NFL. That's all these dudes do; it's their job. To spin for the NFL.

Man, if I were ever accused of a crime, I'd want the NFL doing the investigating. They could just ask me, eh?

Here's what former Patriot's video assistant Matt Walsh told ESPN about the Rams incident & the NFL "investigation":

"If I had a reason to want to go public, or tell a story, I could have done it before it even broke," Walsh told "I could have said everything rather than having Jets coach Eric Mangini be the one to bring it out.

"If they're doing a thorough investigation -- they didn't contact me. So draw your own conclusions. Maybe they felt they didn't need to. Maybe the league feels they got satisfactory answers from everything the Patriots sent them."

And O.J. is still looking for the real killers.

Another Reader Comment

Brad Mills

Indianapolis, indiana, USA

"Yeah many people say the patriots cheat...

ok...well there are more than one team that cheats and they need to be addressed.

The only reason pats got ratted out is Mr. Mageinus had The jets cheating and he beat the patriots to it...if the patriots ratted out the jets first i wonder what all would be happening now?

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Feb 05, 2008
Nice Post
by: Mo

Thanks EJ, nice summary of the NFL's "investigation." I think that's the most outrageous thing about Spygate.

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