Mike Powers (a Pats Fan)

by Mike Powers
(Westport, MA)

Wow, where do I begin?

First, the commissioner says that whatever the Patriots did gave them no advantage. They got fined because of the blatant disregard for his memo, not because of any unfair competitive advantage.

Second, In the Super Bowls

- VS RAMS, we scored 10 points off of turnovers. The Rams played better in the second half than first. Not looking like we figured them out over the videos at halftime.

- VS Pittsburgh in AFC 2001 AFC Championship, we scored 14 on special teams, and Drew Bledsoe came in off the bench and threw the only offensive TD. (I was at that game.)You cite Pittsburgh players as saying "it was like they knew our plays" as EVIDENCE?
Evidence of sour grapes, nothing more. Losers are always looking for excuses why they lost.

-VS Carolina, That game as well got close in 2nd Half, if anyone made adjustments better, it was Carolina rolling the dice with shots down the field.

-VS PHILLY, game had more to do with Donovan McNab having the flu.

-Where were the tapes when we playd Indy,or Denver in Playoff losses.

Also, perfectly legal to steal signals, if you can. Jets video has three guys sending in defensive signals. Who's live, who's fake?
How do you think you can decipher that in 12 minute halftimes?

In 1998-99, when Denver was winning their second super bowl, they were caught beating the salary cap. Did that give them an advantage, getting to keep a championship team together to repeat? Anyone talk of stripping them of the title? They lost a first round pick.

Unrelated sport, but dear to my heart, Red Sox, Game Seven of ALCS against Yankees. Jason Giambi hit two home runs in that game, which was eventually won by Yanks in 12th inning. Giambi admitted later that he took steroids, was jacked. Should Yanks forfeit that Pennant and World Series?

Fellas, it's a team game of blocking and tackling. Pats won with good defense, and fair amount of luck.

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Nov 01, 2007
Sanctimony of Those Outside NE
by: Anonymous

It's A No Win Situation:

If the Pats lost out-of-the-gate, wk-two against 'Chargers', people would've said, 'see without the playbook, they're a fraud & have been all along' (Marshall Falk implied as much just prior to wk2 on NFL network)

Of course, if due to feelings compelled by all these hyped allegations, the Patriots go on to display the well-oiled efficiency of an all time 'Great' powerhouse, then they're just a bunch of callous thugs running-up the score.

The one thing everyone should know for sure (esp the 'Anti-Patriots" who generated this whole negative campaign!) is that this season the Patriots are likely the most scrutinized team in the 'history of sport'---yet, Brady continues to execute this Offense with brilliance & vision (acc/to Moss, Welker, Stallworth: "like a 2nd coach on the field")....This is hardly the "M/O" of an 'empty-suit' having signals richoched into his helmet off the nearest satellite--Please!

To the 'Anti-Pats' responsible for all this:
For the sake of "Purity of Purpose" (because i just know that those of your moral stature would want to truly get to the bottom of "Spygate": wherever it may lead etc.!!), why don't you seek out specifics (as to Who, When, Why) regarding the Peter King article in "SI" right after spygate broke where he refers to (& this a close paraphrase) 'OTHER TEAMS IN THE NFL HAVE DONE EXACTLY WHAT BELIHICK IS ACCUSED OF'?....Specifically, what teams, To what extent involved in spying themselves?.....

Why not request contributions (from the gen. public)for such a noble task & offer a reward to any former 'staff members' or 'players' (of any NFL team) that may be able to produce substantiated info or proof that any other Franchise was also involved in unethical practices that gained them an "Unfair Advantage"?

To conclude, I'm being only slightly facetious because i know you're not remotely interested in the "whole truth", only that portion that'll bring down Belichick, the Patriots (their 3 superbowls), Brady &, most regrettably, the very honorable 'Kraft Organization'.

Ever dawn on you that the "Commissioner" may've brought the issue to an abrupt close because he didn't want to see the 'matter' spread like a cancer to other parts of 'the League'?

Dec 12, 2007
An Overbearing Crusade
by: Anonymous

Thank you Mike Powers.....

Don't get me wrong..I am extremely disappointed by what happened in NY. Don't know why it was being done.

Now...13 weeks later...This whole ridiculous issue has snowballed because these people want it to snowball...they are doing their damnest to spread half truths and what ifs with the intent to ruin an entire organization. They will make no mention of the fact that stealing other teams signals is as old as the NFL, perpetrated by probably every team.

National sportsmouths are spewing poison daily on the issue, and are in it for the sensationalism and money it generates. But that is the way this country has evolved... polarization is all that anyone cares about in all aspects of life. The Patriots of the first decade of the 21st century are an absolute gem.... They were nothing for decades.... not even a blip on anyone's radar. Then they came from nowhere to be a force in the league..... Now they are reviled by many due to one thing....absolute jealousy... and this new passion of hate(jealousy) took place long before this year's Game 1 vs the NY Jets. What happened in NY, was just a great excuse to go on a Crusade.

Dec 13, 2007
by: Anonymous

When they won the titles there were no rules about video taping and the guy has the rules wrong that copy or paraphrase of the memo, there are infact 3 spots at least that you can tape the field from.

Feb 16, 2008
by: Chris

Your exactly right, they come out on fire, like they know the other teams plays. And then at halftime when the other teams adjust the games became close. What an absolutely CLASSLESS ORGANIZATION, and it starts from the top. Have some respect for your opponent and most of all for the game.

Feb 16, 2008
You make your own luck...
by: Ish Engle

Cheating does not always ensure a victory. So the "how do you explain the losses" defense doesn't hold water.

Second, Belichek has ADMITTED to cheating since he's been coach of the Pats. The issue is not "do they cheat" but rather how much help has the cheating been.

We also have to ask, was it only defensive signals they were stealing? Stolen offensive signals make turn-overs a LOT easier to generate...

Others have cheated in the past. It is wrong. They should have been punished. The fact that they weren't should not be a reason to let current rule breakers go unpunished.

However, my favorite point in your comment was the "sour grapes" comment about Pittsburg. While many people look for an excuse to justify a loss, many people also look for an excuse to justify cheating.

Again, the issue is no longer "did the Pats cheat?" The coach answered that with, "Yes, for many years." The issue is "how much has cheating helped the Pats, and what is a fit punishment?"

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