by West

Your commentary is not very fair, or honest. You must spend a lot of time listening to Keith Obermann. Like him, you cleverly omit some very important facts in your opinion; like why was the entire NFL issued the same memorandum last September about video taping?

How many other teams in the NFL have stolen signals from an opponent?

How long has the practice been tolerated in the NFL?

Every other sport in this country accepts the practice of intercepting signaled messages as gamesmanship. Gaining the upper hand through stealing a signal is as common as every runner who reaches second base in baseball.

Every hockey team trys to take advantage of the line shift signal from every coach in the NHL. Every Basketball team trys to figure out the play calls of their opponent every night on the court. Come on give us a break!

Only an idiot would not try to steal the signals. This is the big time boys, the NFL! Not pee Wee league. Its not a church social, or a democratic hippy love-in with Bill and Monica.

The NFL has every right to require that the rule be followed to the letter. Belichick sending a guy up into the stands to record as an independent was not really that far outside the newly enforced rule as it might have seemed to Belichick.

After all, every team in the NFL has stolen signals...One time or another! It's just part of good coaching. At least Belicheck admits that his interpretation of the rule was flawed. You didn't even have the stones to sign this hunk of opinionated balderdash...did you Keith?


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Jan 02, 2008
by: Jet Fan

You add nothing to this discussion other than excuses. The Pats should have forfeited the game. Any record they establish as a result of cheating should have an asterisk next to it.

Jan 14, 2008
Crucified by the "Ober"ites
by: BronxBoy

This reader sites the accurate facts, as they actually occured, not the "Ober" facts, as they may or may not have occured. Depending on wether or not they fit into the "Ober" theory.The only things that seem to have been missed were: (A) The FACT that Coach Belichick DID NOT cheat and furthermore, didn't even violate the rule in question... At BEST the "spirit" of the rule was usurpped. The rule very clearly states," video taping, audio recording, etc. may be conducted durring a GAME".The camera work in question occured durring a practice, some five days before the game was to even be played. And (B) How come the "Ober" idiots that be,are not calling for the game the unthreatening, oft losing, unassuming nondynasty holding Patiots won. When the jailbird cleared the snow from the right hash, so the Pats could kick a game winning field goal, to be stricken from the record ? Don't hate the playa hate the game.

Jan 24, 2008
Stealing signals isn't against NFL rules
by: Tony

So no justification is needed. The Patriots violated a camera placement rule, plain and simple. The NFL also explicitly said that the Patriots didn't cheat, but whatever that's not gonna stop some stoopid hater from flappin' his chops.

Jan 24, 2008
by: Anonymous

I guess those fines and loss of of a draft pick were just for fun.

Feb 02, 2008
You have got to be kidding me!
by: Anonymous

Your the idiot! Patriots CLEARLY (I SAID CLEARLY) violate a very CLEARLY written rule you idiot! And no! Stealing signals as it were, is not in itself a violation of the rules if done so through simple (and legal) observations.

The fact is, the Patriots CLEARLY violated the rules (by video taping) in order to gather that information. Again, that is a CLEAR violation of the rules. And, even after being warned about it by the NFL commission, they continued to do it! Hello? Scarecrow need a brain? That is flagrant CHEATING!!!

You are an idiot! And you are what is wrong with this kind of behavior. Your disregard for the honesty in sports for sake of glamour is destroying sports (and society) as a whole. I can't believe idiots like you try to justify this stuff. What an idiot...

Feb 03, 2008
There is a huge difference..
by: Paco

..between a runner on second base looking over at the catcher, vs. professional espionage by staff using video equipment.

The "every team" argument doesn't fly either. Even if that were the case, that is not an excuse.

Also, THEY are the ones who got caught. Obviously they may get more attention because of their success, but it wouldn't make much sense to check if the worst team was cheating to achieve last place now would it ?

In the Olympics, for instance, the first winners get drug tested, and if it turns out they cheated they take their medal away. That is how it should be.

Feb 04, 2008
One of the few comments that stick to the actual facts!
by: Ron

It might be against the rules to steal signals but no one seems to be basing their opinions on that fact. If it is, that rule should be stated and the discussions should focus on whther stealing signals is "cheating." What we know based on what is being said, is that it is against the NFL rules to videotape. Early on in the Spygate saga, it was stated by the NFL (as I recall) that the rule was put into place to prevent undesirable high tech expenditures on spy equipment. Unless there is a rule, stealing signals IS acceptable as gamesmanship, using video equipment to do so is not.

As for Senator Spector's inquiries, his first question should be: is stealing signals a violation of law (not NFL rules)? After all, the rules on the conduct of government officials do not necessarily apply to NFL coaches and teams.

Oct 20, 2010
the comments made by the mob here is a joke
by: Anonymous

look. you guys dont know shit about spygate! I think this was a good objective article. Every league is competitve and you try to gain any advantage possible. I am mad that the patriots lost a draft pick over this hogwash while the mob mentality is that there wasnt enough punishment given. The majority of the people who have these opinions are fans of other teams who dont care for the facts and they dont know shit about spygate either. roger goodell never tried to protect the patriots by destroying the tapes. Thats just more hogwash coming from the mob of other teams fans!

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