Let it go!!! Mooks!!!!!!

by Andrew
(Morrisville, VT, USA)

Well, as you can probably tell by the title
i'm a Life long pats fans... Okay, They caught
A camera man Taping hand signals, they fined
The coach half a Million Dollars, took away
a 1st round draft pick,fined the team 250 thousand
dollars... Now all these Bogus accusations,How in
the World,with all the secrecy in the NFL(i mean
you can't even see a Practice,The media gets 15-20
minutes then they are out)Could you tape a teams
Walk threw??

this is not a little hand held camera
either...I find that aweful hard to swallow....
he's wearing patriots team colors(Hmmm?)with a
camera on his shoulder.. and no one saw him?...
or stopped him.(WHY?)...................

signal stealing
has been going on for many many years...Jimmie
johnson did it with the Cowboys,,should they
forfiet their 2 rings from then>???? NO!!!!
and he Learned it 17 years earlier from one of
Marty Schottenhiemers coaching staff... go figure!!

so congress should go back to real affairs...
Leave all the Sports alone!! and anyone whos a fan
of an NFL team who has won a super bowl, your team may
have been "CHEATING" too....would you forfiet your rings

???? just asking... LET IT Freakin GO!!

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Mar 14, 2008
Stop trying to sweep it under the rug, MAN UP!
by: Anonymous

Well, first of all it's walk through not threw! Second of all, just because everybody else may be doing it does not make it ok. What if a murderer went to court and said to the judge, "A lot of other people murder people too!" There are murders that go unsolved but when they catch the murderer, they charge it to the person caught and send them to trial. So the everybody does claim is lame and besides, it sends the wrong message to the youth! You know, the one thing people need to realize is, (and I was a patriot fan until this) just because your deep routed fanhood is loyal to a particular team, IT DOES NOT MEAN they should be allowed a free "pass". Third of all, Belichick was fined for the Jets fiasco, he was not fined for anything outside of that. So these new discoveries are new charges and should be fined separtely! People just want the whole truth!

Mar 14, 2008
by: Anonymous

As A life long Dolphins fan I say the following:

If the Dolphins are ever caught cheating they should forfeit the game, even if it is a super bowl and even if it is a perfect season.

It is not an excuse to say (when you are caught): "everyone's doing it, so don't punish me".

If that is acceptable logic, then the guy that murdered the Washington Redskins player this last year could say to the judge: "people get shot every day, why punish me?".

When will people get morals, ethics?

How can I explain to my child that cheating is OK because it:

(a) did not really mean that much to the out come
(b) everyone is doing it
(c) awe shucks, lets just forget it and get over it.

I want truth and justice everywhere.

Mar 31, 2011
idiots and haters
by: Anonymous

Amen, let this s*** go, its called a piece of paper and if your worried your calls are getting stolen then cover your mouth. In baseball when you just THINK the other team has your signals you switch the indicator sign so that it mixes things up. If you think your getting your plays ripped off maybe you should manipulate your system in order to efficiently call plays without the other team breaking down your system. I am a niners fan and have no relations to the pats as a fan but would like to see this scandal stop, if your gonna get anyone go for the commissioner becasue they all lack the ability to control their own league without putting money first. If you don't like what the pats did then go after all the teams in the NFL because its happening all around.

Jan 31, 2013
Pats Fans Ignorance
by: Anonymous

Did you even read any of this? A patriots videographer was caught on the opposite sideline posing as the other team. That's a totally different advantage from trying to steal it from your own sideline.

And Mangini was Bellichecks freakin assistant coach for all his superbowl wins and told the league it was going to happen before it did. Bill had an elaborate scheme set up to do all this.

I will not deny the Patriot's were good but they were not great. They didn't win one superbowl by more than 3 and the cheating got them the extra three points each time.

Patriots will not win another superbowl and before it is all over they will be known as the team who couldnt win the big one without cheating

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