LeaderDeslokOfPlanetGamalon says Exile Belichick

by Deslok
(In transit )

On my planet we have a similar game to your foot ball except our 'Football' is 3-d. On my planet cheaters are exiled off Gamalon for a period of time depending on the severity of the offense. Exile off Gamalon means living on a colony w/o the protection of our planetary shield.

Mr. Belichick blatantly cheated. Perhaps if you wish we Gamalons can exile him from your planet. Life for an exile is tough. Constant attacks from pirates, and rouge planets, Theft of property/persons, death, destruction, you name it. Soon we will be out of range of communication. We are returning to Gamalon which takes about 1 yr to get to from Earth using our Gravito-magnetic hyperspace drives. It will take another year to return to Earth.

You are an interesting species to say the least! You have a beautiful planet. Take care of it, take care of yourselves, demand justice, and treat all as he whom you call God would have you, we look forward to 'officially' meeting you when you become able to travel faster than light. Your Extended Heim Theory is what will get you there. Our scientists and historians estimate that you may be fewer than 50yrs away!
As for Mr. Belichick, once a cheater always a cheater. He more likely than not has found another way to cheat. Or perhaps this is not all that he cheats at.

Any sport or competition (with the exception of war of course) in which cheating is implored, is no longer a sport it is now just a spectacle. You are right in that He must come clean to save face and perhaps regain the public trust.

Lastly, I'm unhappy because I will miss next years NFL games because either I'll be still on Gamalon or in transit back to Earth; I've been here for 5 years. We are explorers and are glad to have known your people. Soon, I hope to return to Earth. We, like you, are bipedal humaniods. Anatomically, we are almost identical, except for pigmentation--we are not the same color as your people are.

Take care our stellar neighbors, please note: we are not spying on you we are learning your ways to facilitate not only communication, but also friendship. May the Creative Spirit be with you all!

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