JUST BE OBJECTIVE -- about UT Football

WT*!?... You seem to be "dead on" in your predictions and "on-target" in describing SEC football, but your OBVIOUS bias against the Vols disqualifies you from being an "objective" website...

The recap of the Tennessee's '08 season is "littered" with adjectives such as: "God was clearly on their side"; "lucky"; "luckier"; "more breaks"; etc.

What **ing team HAS NOT gotten breaks (luck??) to win ANY championship in ANY sport!! Tennessee has had MANY "lucky breaks" (your words) go AGAINST them over the years, (EX: FLA, BAMA, ETC.)

DAMNIT, I thought that I had actually found a site that REALLY promoted SEC football like it should be!...

Keep your ****** out of Knoxville, especially if you're
UGA, (WT*?? - "The BEST team in America"), because we OBVIOUSLY KICKED YOUR ***** in '07 WITHOUT any "lucky breaks"!!

(BTW; LOVE "the hype"!!...GUARANTEE that UGA. & UF WILL fall "flat on-their-faces" this season!...)

"A REAL SEC fan"

Mo's Note: Thanks "Real SEC Fan." I appreciate your support of the Vols. I am also a huge UT fan. But, I try to be objective too. If you don't think they were lucky last year, well, you and I will just have to agree to disagree. The '07 Vols were the luckiest UT team since the '98 team that won it all. You'll remember the fumble by Arkansas' QB that season as they were running out the clock and the field goal that hit the goalpost and went in to beat Florida that year.

This past year, I'd say the win over South Carolina and later Vandy had almost as much luck to them.

Of course you are right that luck is an important factor to having great college football seasons. no doubt. You still need to take advantage of the breaks you get, as the Vols did, but it's still lucky when you fumble the ball away on 4th down but it's recovered for a first down (South Carolina game) or you miss a field goal that would end the game with a loss, but the other team is offsides so you get to kick again and win the game (also South Carolina game I think). I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Lots of lucky breaks this past season. And we try to call as best we see it.

But, as they say, "better to be lucky than good."

Anyway, Go Vols!!


p.s. -- we'd be happy to publish your perspective on SEC football and Tenn. football -- right here. Submit any time. If it's good stuff, we'll even feature it.

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