Jonathan Crompton

by Cincy Vol
(Roanoke, VA )

Jonathan Crompton Under Center

Jonathan Crompton Under Center

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Phil Fulmer made it clear earlier this week what his QB decision was. Fulmer said Crompton was the man for Saturday and will be the man barring anything drastic. Now, we’re left wondering if Phil made the right decision and if Jon can too.

The day following this announcement, it was released that Crompton would have surgery. A minor surgery on his elbow, but it still leaves you on the edge of your seat. Not to mention the Spring Mr. Crompton has had. So excuse me as I question Fulmer’s decision.

We all remember when Jon filled in for an injured Erik Ainge just two years ago. Crompton opened the eyes of Vol fans everywhere when he impressively threw for 183 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. He followed that up the next week against Arkansas with similar numbers, 174 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

Crompton had minor playing time last year and finished the season with a touchdown and two interceptions. This spring in the scrimmages to date, Crompton has thrown for three touchdowns and five interceptions against a stellar defense. So by now, we should all realize what I’m getting at. The guy throws interceptions. How does nine interceptions in minimal playing time plus spring sound to you? What does it say to me? It says the guy’s decision making isn’t there.

Tennessee Vols QB Jonathan Crompton

I don’t want a quarterback who thinks that he can throw into anything because he has a great arm. We know the guy has a good arm, he was a 5 star recruit and #3 quarterback in the nation coming out of high school. But, he seems to know he has a good arm, too.

In some cases this can be good, but there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. Jon is going to get his first start to a football game in some time, but he has to realize who he’ll have around him. The wide receivers include Gerald Jones, Austin Rogers, Ahmad Paige, Quintin Hancock, and Lucas Taylor. He’ll also have Luke Stocker and most likely Jeff Cottam at the tight end positions to throw to.

That’s a pretty deep squad; meaning doesn’t have to try to be the hero. His job is to get the ball to the playmakers, just like Clawson has been preaching. So maybe Fulmer has made the right decision in electing Jon the starting job, we’ll have to see if Crompton will listen to what Clawson is preaching and lead this team to victory.

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Jul 29, 2008
Let them play
by: Anonymous

Why even question Crompton's decision making at this point. I have a feeling the OC may have a little more experience coaching QBs than Cincy Vol. Why don't you focus on the positive attributes that Crompton has displayed in his limited playing time and this past spring.

Aug 13, 2008
by: Cincy Vol

Never did I say I had more experience or was better than Dave Clawson. I realize there's a lot of upside to Jonathan Crompton, but with that comes the negative in his interceptions. It's not that I was hating on Crompton, but the numbers speak for themselves. We've got a QB who wants to use his arm to get him out of trouble and it could end up getting him into worse than before.

Sep 22, 2008
by: William of Orange

Win...I don't care how. Just do it. We've had years for Fullmer and friends to get it right. It's time the Vols were champions again. We've been patiently waiting for this moment to come, give it to us. The buck stops at the top. I live in Louisville, KY now and it sucks having friends over and listening to their crap when the Vols lose. This leads to my snide UK sucks rant, then they say the Louisville Cardinals don't...then I kick them out and sit in my orange mancave and drink another Corona, with oranges...I never blame the Vols. I blame myself for expecting too much out of them. The new quarterback is young, he's got potential, but I agree with Cincy, and see alot of interceptions until he matures and settles down. We live in an age when kids are way too cocky and self-centered. Teamwork wins games...period. I'm not accusing this kid of that necessarily, It's just something I expect of young people in general these days. So, I'll prepare for another heartbreaking season, watch this QB grow, and maybe, just maybe, my beloved VOLS will rise to the top where they belong. Self-deception or faith, I haven't decided yet. But this far into the season, let's just say I'm not singing,"Walking on Sunshine" here in the mancave.

Sep 22, 2008
Thanks William of Orange
by: Cincy Vol

I actually wrote this over the spring and it's still one of the biggest issues of his game. Check out more of my writing as well as other Tennessee content at 3rd Saturday in Blogtober.

Thanks again.

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