by Matt
(tampa, fl)

Thanks to the Roger Goodell's bias towards New York. The Jets have successfully swept under the rug the fact they did the same thing the patriots did in 07. Youtube had the proof of 5 seperate games with mangini instructing the video operator on what to film.

Also, Matt Walsh was unable to produce any videos of the rams walk through before the superbowl. He had 8 tapes worth of games, but not the tape he stated he had of the rams walk through prior to the super bowl.

Doesn't change the fact the patriots cheated. Its just funny nobody calls out the jets, broncos under shanny or the fact the colts pump artificial crowd noise into their stadium and turn the thermostat up 10 degrees when outdoor stadium teams from cold weather sites come to play.

And I'm sure we can find something on every team in the league, steriods etc. But, I understand as a fan of a team not accused of cheating especially as a steelers, colts, rams fan.

As time has passed, I think the Patriots have shown they are the real deal, especially Tom Brady -- who blows Manning out of the water.


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Nov 17, 2011
Where did you hear that?
by: Bryan

You Tube had proof Mangini cheated also? Can you source that link. I would like to see that.

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