It shouldn't matter how you get the signals.

Wow!Just Wow! If stealing signals is cheating, then every team and coach cheated. If it's legal to steal signals with a polaroid camera, if it's legal to steal signals with a high speed digital camera, it should be legal to steal signals with a video camera. It's like Parcells and many other coaches have said,"If you're stupid enough to get you signals stolen, then that's your problem".

Belichick broke a rule that went unenforced for 25 years. Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe asked a prominent NFL GM, "When was the rule about video taping signals originally written?" The answer was "about forever."

The rule was never enforced because they know it's one of those silly rules that shouldn't exist. Herm Edwards stated he knew he was being taped and waved to the cameras. Here is a list of prominent NFL people who have gone on record and said that Belichick did nothing wrong.

Paul Tagliabue
Frank Gifford Bill Parcells
Phil Simms Joe Montana
Joe Theisman Barry Switzer
Howie Long Mike Shanahan
Keyshawn Johnson Bill Cohwer
Jimmy Johnson Brian Billick
Jim Mora Rod Woodson
Bob Kuchenberg
Jim Klik
Dan Reeves
Carl Banks
Ron Wolf
Dick Butkus
Brian Urlacher
Boomer Esiason
Herm Edwards

If all these people spoke up for Belichick, how exactly did Belichick do something wrong. If it was really cheating, They wouldn't have said a word.

Where is the proof that an advantage was gained. The only proof there is is the excessiveness of the INEXPERIENCED commissioners penalty.

The commissioner overreacted. You don't put a guy in jail for the rest of his life because he ran a stop sign. But that's exactly what the guy did to Belichick. It's sad really. An inept commissioner overreacts to what was minor rule violation and allows the media (who hates Belichick) to sully the legacy of one of the games greatest coaches.

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