Inside Scoop on Spygate

by J Anthony, Attorney at Law
(Boston, MA)

1. Mr. Walsh has signed a confidentiality agreement with The New England Patriots Orginzation. The Senate would have to go to court to get that overturned. Mr. Walsh could face legal action if it is not overturned.

Mr. Walsh wants protection from prosecution, if he gets that protection, and goes and gives false testimony of any sort, he can't be sued by the Patriots or any other Organization.

2. Mr. Specter admitted on WEEI radio in Boston, the reason he wants continued investigation is that he is a Philadelphia Eagles fan and he wants to know if The Patriots stole signals during their Superbowl. This brings up the possibility of a personal agenda.

3. In The Patriots Organization there has been little talk about the subject. The tapes were destroyed because the Patriots sent information of other teams doing the same as they were accused, thus Mr. Goodell destroyed stopping the whole thing from becoming an NFL scandal. Mr. Kraft has agreed not to legally go after the NFL for the good of the league.

Editor's Note: Thank you Mr. Anthony for you contribution. Just wanted to state the obvious -- namely that the site has no idea if what Mr. Anthony says (or any other submission for that matter) is true or not. It may well be, but, obviously, we cannot confirm it.

Only the NFL, Sen. Specter, the Patriots, or Mr. Walsh could confirm these things. We invite them to do so.

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