How Bout Presenting All Sides of the Spygate Story?

Whoever wrote this crap needs to go back to journalism school. First, in general, good reporting consists of getting all sides of an issue. I suppose if you like Rush Limbaugh, National Enquirer, or Fox News propaganda, this slanted excuse for online news is just fine.

Secondly, if you are going to attack someone's professional ethics, don't you think you would have enough guts to identify yourself? You preach full disclosure, but don't hold yourself to the same standards.

Now let's take a look at a few of FACTS which you omitted from your story:

1. Probably the biggest fact which Roger Goodell has brought forward is the videotape from game one shows the Jets coach waving to the camera which was videotaping him. The Jets were well aware of the wrongdoing, so don't fool yourself to believe that this videotaping affected the outcome. If it did, it wasn't because the Jets were unwittingly duped.

2. From immediately after game one, all teams knew to look for further videotaping from the Patriots, but none brought any evidence forward.

3. The NFL imposed rules to assure that radio frequencies cannot be jammed by opponents by mandating that teams have their radio technicians with them to address any changes in frequesncy. This is especially true with playoff games!

It just seems that all other teams had their shot to take down the New England Patriots and all have failed. How much of this is just sour grapes? Taking a beating is never something anybody looks forward to or looks back with fondness. This season is as much about the whining and lack of class of all the other teams as the Patriots' perfect season.

Keep justifying away...whatever let's you sleep through the night. I know as a Patriot fan, I am sleeping very Champions.

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Feb 03, 2008
by: Anonymous


Feb 04, 2008
Foolish Pats boy
by: Anonymous

How are you sleeping now? immortality was just choked away! How do you like dem apples!

Feb 06, 2008
response to: Presenting all sides of the Spygate story
by: BigBlueWreakingCrew

of course they didn't do it any more this season, they got caught and everyone knew to look for it. the issue is the past and if their cheating in prior years resulted in super bowls.

Feb 16, 2008
Wow, love is blind...
by: Ish Engle

Your three "facts" are very weak defenses of illegal actions.

1) The Jets knew one (1) time that they were being filmed. It was in a year where they had a horrible team. With Randy Moss, Donte Stalworth, Wes Welker, Moroney, Brady, how could you have lost to the Jets? What this actually shows is that your coach is so used to cheating he even cheats when he's playing a weak opponent.

2) You assume that everyone is smarter now and looking for the Patriots to cheat. Good, valid assumption, they are cheaters after all. What you fail to assume is that the Patriots would get smarter about it. Small, hidden cameras are now very easy to procure, James Bond would be proud. I, for one, don't assume the Patriots to be idiots just because they cheat. I figure them to be smart enough not to get caught again.

3) Why would you think a clear rule against jamming is proof of innocence? The rule was pretty clear about not taping, and we know for a fact the Patriots did that. Yes, it is a fact that you cannot jam signals. That doesn't mean the Patriots didn't break a second rule, in fact, you break one, you're more likely to break two!

Here, though, are some facts you HAVE disregarded:

1) Belichek has admitted to cheating since he's been the coach.

2) The NFL did not pursue any avenue of investigation that the Patriots said was not worth pursuing.

3) It has taken Congress to make the NFL talk about investigating further, and they still haven't really done any more than to harass the key witness at work in Hawaii.

Admit that your team cheats (like they have) and face reality. Its the mature thing to do.

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