Herschel vs Bo

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HERSCHEL WALKER VS BO JACKSON: This is a battle that will go 2 the end between 2 of the best athletes ever! Now this is a even match up, they both r about the same size & these 2 guys r the only 2 that have these 4 gifts all combined in 1 & they r top notch @ each gift!

They both have top speed, top strenghth, top size, top power & that's what u call a all around, universal, complete, total package, THOROUGH athlete! Some athletes have these similar gualities but not not like these 2 MEN!

If these 2 were on the same team while they were in their prime they could of been the best combo running backs ever! If there was a 2 on 2 all around competition while these 2 were in their prime they would of came out on top!

W/ that said, when it comes 2 HERSCHEL VS BO they both dominated the college competition like no other but if i got 2 pick 1, HERSCHEL would probably get the slight edge! They both moved on 2 the NFL & BO continued 2 dominate the competition, its just 2 bad he couldnt play a full season because of baseball & 2 bad his football career ended up short but BO has enough highlights 2 last 4 eternity!

BO didnt dominate MLB like he did the NFL but he did some super hero things in baseball! BO would hit homeruns in2 space & that arm of his could throw the ball back 2 earth,lol! BO would run on walls in the outfield & break bats over his leg like it was normal, but that was BO 4 u & he also threw a football @ the scoreboard! The super natural hero BO would just do things out of this world @ times & wouldnt think anything of it, BO KNOWNS!

HERSCHEL had a good career in the NFL but he didnt dominate the competition like he did in college! HERSCHEL WALKER is a top notch athlete & he did some amazing things but when its all said & done & it comes 2 H.W. vs B.O. , i gotta go w/ my main man BO JACKSON! >E<

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