Green Bay Surfer

Me being 22, i couldn't tell you an acurate top ten but alonzo stagg, bryant, hugh mcwilliams, are some old timers i have come to know as influential in every aspect of football.

Mc williams gave us the face mask, stagg gave us the west coast offense, and bryant was the frontman to the entire situation, and did it well.

thanks go pack go

ps. too bad kevin greene won't play for us instead of coaching.

I grew up two miles from lambeau feild, players would ride my bike to practice everyday during training camp. lived in a neighborhood with tons of stars including andy reid, nolan cromwell, mike sherman, george koonce, bob slowik, ed donnatell, brett favre, robert brooks, gilbert brown, chris jackie, wayne simmons, etc.

Now i work at Randy's Cafe in Palm Desert, CA. He is Hugh Mcwilliams son. He also trains top athletes in golf, tennis, etc. I have seen alot of cool stuff there including a letter written to coach Mac from Bill walsh thanking Coach mac for the west coast offense. thats amazing. if your ever golfing in the coachella valley, go to Randy's in Palm Desert.

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