Good Open Discussion of Spygate

Good web page for open discussion about the Spygate issue, my compliments.

Whoever the architect of this web page is you speak the truth and come from an angle of a fan of the sport and just want to know how much validation to give to these wins.

If the Patriots or any other team have had an unfair advantage as mentioned in “Spygate” then regardless of who’s your favorite team, whether you’re Senator from Pennsylvania or a center for the Rams understanding the ethical implication of such an act at any level is wrong.

It is no surprise that most of the comments against further investigations are from people from the New England area no one wants their beloved team to be thought of as anything less than the great players and organization they are, and the Patriots have great players and are a fine organization. There have been serious accusations regarding the outcomes of life altering games that need to be addressed with a thorough investigation and if drastic consequences need to be brought about then so be it.

If life-altering is over doing it, then one must think about how any other player in the league who lost to the Patriots during a playoff or Super bowl game is probably making less money than a Patriots player in the same position.

Put yourself in that players shoes if you were paid less because of a competitor was involved in illegal activity, either you would proclaim that “that’s life,” and roll over, or would also bend the rules and hope you don’t get caught, “after all everyone is doing it,” or you would hope that there are honest people out there with the authority and power to say this is not right for the players, the stakeholders, and most importantly, the FAN.

If your opinion is that of the first two I hope you don’t work for my company.

Checks and balances, if other teams are violating the videotaping rule or other rules then let’s put an end to it by starting with Spygate then we can start the process of making the NFL playing fields a level playing field.

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Feb 22, 2008
by: Daleene Farmer Las Vegas, NV

I've been writing articles and posting comments to other's work for about 3 weeks and I do find it amazing that the only people who want this thing brushed under the rug are the Patriots fans.
Like I've said before and continue to stand by my words is; if this were my Giants being accused of cheating, I would be ashamed and embarassed for my team. I would stick by their side but I'd have to agree with everyone else on the fact that things need to be straightened out and people have to be punished for their actions.
However, the Giants' orginization was brought up as a very classy team and that's what they teach their players and coaches to do so I don't expect a man like Bilichick to have that same mentality. It is sad that he was a coach for the Giants but unfortunatley, their good habbits didn't seem to rub off on him and he continues to act out like he's four years old. The circle will come around to a full and stop him in the end; it's just what the rest of the fans, and 31 other teams have to believe in.

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