Fulmer's Clock Has Expired

by Pascal Hayes
(Easley, SC)

I've been a Vols fan since Georgia and Tennessee tied 17-17 in 1968. I went to school there in the late 70's and early 80's.

The team was on a downward swing then during Major's early era and Majors suffered through a rebuilding time and eventually had some good years but couldn't beat Alabama consistently and this caused a lot of pain and suffering (not to mention broken house items).

So I've been through thick and thin. I was never really a big Majors fan but nonetheless, from 1977 to 1992, when the season started I believed Tennessee would be a contender.

With Fulmer, I just don't get the old warm and fuzzy. Now I figure if they win 6 games it will be good and I wonder if I can stand to watch the games. I don't want to expect Tennessee to be average; I want to be confident they will win.

Fulmer could never beat Florida consistently and can't beat the Meyer-coached Florida - at all.

Now that Saban and Miles are in the conference he is not likely to beat Alabama and LSU either.

He has his head above water with Georgia, but now can't beat Auburn. What does this make Tennessee? MEDIOCRE - PLAIN - DULL - DISAPPOINTING.

The debate about firing Fulmer is a tough one only if emotions are involved. Yes, he's had success recruiting but what good does it do to recruit when it translates to mediocrity.

Why does Tennessee settle for a "Claw-ful" offense? "Third-n-Chavis" is our opponent's favorite down. My blood runs orange and I'm aware that things could be worse. Look at Michigan - they're suffering a losing season for the first time since the 60's.

There is no doubt we Vols fans are spoiled - intoxicated with past success. Well, the hangover has begun and it won't get better until the Fulmer clock has expired. I hate to see Fulmer's success be clouded by a dreadful and pathetic spiral to the cellar of the division.

My vote is "thank you Phil for all you've brought to Tennessee, now please stand aside and let someone else usher the Vols into the 21st century."

Please do it now before we forget what it's like to be a contending football team.

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