Fulmer Must Go...

by Christopher Newman
(Knoxville, TN, USA)

I admit, Fulmer has done a lot for Tennessee. But that was years ago when we were good. Now it is time to get a new coach. His strategies and coaching have passed him by.

The NCAA has changed, sadly he hasn't changed along with it. And i completely disagree with Fulmer's recruiting class as being most of the time, "Top 10."

I don't know about you, but i haven't seen a good QB at Tennessee since Tee Martin, 10 years ago. Granted Clausen was mediocre, but every QB since 98, other than Clausen, has fallen short of anything but mediocre.

I will, however give him credit for having a good D. Tennessee's defense the past few years has looked very promising. However, I think Fulmer's recruiting flat out sucks. I have heard of several good players from the state of Tennessee that weren't recruited by UT and instead went to other teams and turned out to be great.

And the play calling is anything but spectacular as well. When you are in a 3rd down and 10 situation, why the hell do you throw the ball to a receiver running a flat, and rely on him to get the 10 yards? It doesn't happen that often.

If you need the 10 yards in 1 play, all you have to do is call a play where the receivers run about 12-14 yard routes. And occasionally, he tries to run it up the gut on 3rd and 10. WHY is he still coaching?

It seems there are only 4 plays in his playbook. Run the sweep, run up the gut, Flat patterns, and Throw it to the other team.(and occasionally the wildcat which is so easy to predict)

I am currently a student at UT and it absolutely pisses me off that this is the first year we have to pay for tickets, the coaches got million dollar raises, and look how our team is. We can't get 5 yards unless there's 30 seconds left in the half with our 2 minute offense. If it weren't for Eric Berry, and Demetrius Morely, our team would be absolutely dreadful.

And don't even get me started on special teams. They can't tackle, run the ball, or block. Period. THEY SUCK. If Fulmer isn't gone after this year, you will be seeing me wearing a crimson shirt rather than an orange one.


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Oct 28, 2008
Let him go
by: Anonymous

I agree, let him go; the time has come.

Nov 03, 2008
Stay the course 1 more season
by: Ron

I agree that Fulmer has continued to decline since 1998 and I was ready for a change until I saw that he was a committment from a top QB for next year. He has at least a top 6/7 recruiting class coming so I think we stay and see if the new offensive coord. can get some good O to go with our great D.

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