Florida Will Win Big!

by Jake Cooper

Hey, great article here. I'm a South Carolina Gamecocks fan. Of course I'm dissapointed. But that's beside the point. You are completely right.

Oklahoma, along with the entire big 12 is an offensive power of course. But, they don't have defense in the big 12. If you put South Carolina in the big 12, we could score 50, 60 points a game. That's just the way it is. 60 points a game is the big 12 standard, and if one of their top teams doesn't meet that standard, then something is wrong.

Florida's defense will stump oklahoma's offense just like they did a couple years ago against the then "superpower" Ohio State. Florida went into that game an extreme underdog, and look what happened. And that was without Tim Tebow!

If you don't think that Florida will be way too tough for Oklahoma, then you should look at what Florida has done to teams in their last however many games. They are beating teams by an average of over 50 points without even trying. They scored over 70 on Citadel, with I think it was like 14 or something while trying to run the clock down.

Plus, they shut down a then super motivated Alabama. I am picking the Florida Gators (representing the extreme superpower SEC) over the Oklahoma Sooners (representing the extremely overrated Big 12) 63-17.

The Sooners will come out hot just like Ohio State did, but in the long run, Florida will expose Oklahoma's weak defense, score a bunch, and steal all the momentum.


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