Florida vs Alabama Oct 2, 2010

by Dwayne Trent -- Knoxville's #1 Gator
(Knoxville, TN)

Can the Gators get it done in Bama? Tall order indeed. Urban's assault team best be ready. They need to jump on the Nick...get him frustrated and down quick...he losses control...then he makes knee jerk reactions and bad calls...if Gators let him get comfy...be a long game for Florida and send them plummiting in the polls.

Perhaps with the one two punch of a running and passing quarterback..this may cause Alabama's defense some trouble. Too, Florida's young oversized young offensive line best be prepared for the hardest hitting defense they'll meet all year.

Good luck...hope everyone has a great time, nobody gets hurt....remember...it's college sports...so behave like gentlemen and ladies! Go Gators!

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