Florida Should Not Even Be in the BCS Championship Game!

by bssorrells

If you really do the math, and compare quality wins and losses, consider this.

1) texas lost to texas tech by one point, at tech which was top ten ranked.

2) oklahoma lost to texas , which was ranked 4th. everyone considers this a neutral field, but if you have ever been to one of these games(which is played during the texas state fair) you would realize that it is hardly neutral.

3) oklahoma destroyed texas tech(ranked #2) in norman.

4) FLORIDA lost to who, at home, which was ranked what, and at the end of the year ranked what?

5) FLORIDA beat alabama (ranked #1) at home. this is the same alabama who barely pulled out a win against lsu, which has how many losses this season?

so, you do the math. the sec is not as good as you might think. the big 12 is. and with all this stated, the championship game should have been a rematch against ou and texas, basing quality wins and losses, and would have been if the arrogance and ignorance of the coaches poll wasn't factored in.

i can say with pride that bob stoops gave his vote up, and he has never looked so better in doing so. by the way, i still hate texas, but fair is fair.

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Mar 07, 2009
by: BAMF1960

I guess you've alot to learn about Gator & SEC football.

btw. Florida did not play Bama at home. It was in Atlanta(neutral field). May I suggest a geography lesson.

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