Every Objective Measure Has South Carolina Over Florida State

I am a bit curious about some of the bowl predictions. In particular (as I am a SC fan) the prediction that Fla State will win the Chick-Fil-A Bowl handily. I am a bit baffled about some of the reasoning, such as FSU is faster and bigger and SC just cannot keep up with them. Another comment was "did you see what they did to the Gators?"

I find that comment perplexing if it was intended to be a statement of FSU's strength. I have to ask the question "did you see what SC did to the Gators?"

Some comparisons: SC played Fla @ Fla. FSU played them at home. SC gained 395 yds. FSU gained 333.

On defense, SC gave up 226 yds, FSU gave up 276.
The other common opponent was Clemson and the results and comparisons are similar. SC gained 322 yds, FSU gained 307.

On defense SC gave up 251 yds, FSU gave up 391.
SC played @ Clemson and FSU played at home.
Combined yardage differential between the two games shows SC to +240 and FSU to be -33.
SC beat Fla 36-13. FSU beat them 31-7
SC beat Clemson 29-7. FSU beat them 16-13.
Point differentials were SC 65-20, +45
FSU's were 47-20, +27.

You could very well be right. FSU may beat SC handily. But, by every objective measure, it would seem that SC has performed significantly better against the two common opponents.

One other factor that I think is significant is the difference between the SEC and the ACC. SC's schedule is ranked 13th most difficult and FSU's is ranked 25th.

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Dec 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

I completely agree with this post. I am A Razorback fan so not biased. I think the clear favorite here would be the Gamecocks. They can control the line up front on both sides of the nall and run all over FS. People also forget that Garcia is a great QB. He always hits the pass when the box is loaded and can run really well. They have one of the best coach's in college football history. And as written, this is the SEC!!! Arkansas handled the Gamecocks well, but I would hate to play them again. I think Florida was playing their best against SC as you would expect in that game for the SEC east. When they played FS, the were already dead. That always makes a difference. Every year it seems that SEC has to show they country why we are a league ahead of all other conference's, and we have and will. I expect the Hogs to beat Ohio State strong as well.

Dec 12, 2010
Bowl games
by: Anonymous

I think the problem is its a bowl game and if its not the top BCS bowl game then is just boils down to who is the most motivated on that day and any game against the SEC for an ACC team is like their super bowl and they will be up for it. You can't tell me that SC is as motivated for this as they were for playing Alabama.

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