Dude: Here are Belichick's Answers To Your Questions

by tEDED

1. Who videotaped the Jets signals in your first game this season?

Isn't this known? and if not who cares... it was cheating.

2. Who told him to do that?

Pats coaching staff...

3. Did you know the Jets signals were to be videotaped by Patriots personnel?

Of course..

4. How did you know that?

Are you dumb...

5. Has anyone from the Patriots organization ever before taped the signals of opposing teams during games?

Of course, the tapes given to the NFL shows the extent to the taping

6. When?

Again all was in the tapes

7. Have you (or to you knowledge other Patriot personnel) ever viewed game videotape of opposing team signals?

Ah... they asked for the tapes to be made.. again i ask you, are you dumb?

8. When?

When ever they could

9. Why?

For a competitive advantage... were you dropped on your head as a child?

10. How was the tape obtained?

With a video camera

11. For what purpose was the tape obtained?

Are you **** retarded...?

12. For what purpose did you use the information gained?

OMG.. how many ways can u re-word the same question you already know the answer to

13. Specifically, in preparation for playoff games, including the Patriots three Super Bowl appearances, did you (or to your knowledge other Patriot personnel) view game videotape of opposing team signals?

Of course we did!!!

Now a question for you...
Given the ambiguity of the rules, do you think the Pats were the only team to indulge in this practice?

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Jun 26, 2008
see your point
by: The CC

Yes, much of this page is outdated. The questions posed can't be taken seriously. Maybe they were written in Sept of 2007.

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