Don't take away the magic -- or santa

by steve spigelmyer
(reno nevada)

Is this really what any fan wants? Does any fan of any sport, not just football wan't to see dishonesty within their sport? Of course not.

I would be lying to say that i wanted MLB to expose Mark McGwire that magical season. I didn't, and still lookin back upon the whole matter in hindsight I still wish i didnt know. I was 10 years old when he made that magical run and it is one of the fondest memories i have.

The same type of memories that i will hold from this football season. Whether or not you like the patriots, you have to love and acknowledge what they've done for the sport this year. Tainted or not, this has been a magical season and no matter what the outcome i know the truth and i believe anyone who has seen this season knows the truth.

And going back in history to change the past? Such as removing victories or adding asteriks seems ridiculous to me, as it does in baseball.

So what if barry bonds took steroids? Why is this unfair to babe ruth or roger maris? Did Babe Ruth or Roger Maris have access to facilities such as athletes today have? Of course not, they were already at a disadvantage.

No I'm not saying that all cheating should be allowed. But how can any fan of baseball or football truly say that they want to know the whole truth?

They don't, because just like with anything there is far more then reaches the eyes. Sure what the patriots have done is wrong, barry bonds is out of line as well as Mcgwire and of course even Marion jones. But do you truly want to know everything?

Boxing has been rigged for years, but where is congress for that?

I'll use a simple analogy for my final words.

Children love santa. But Santa is false, a lie. Yet we understand as a culture that lying is sometimes a good thing, just as goodell has realized.

Enjoy the sport for what it is, entertainment.

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