Disappointment in Goodell

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business & as such should be held accountable to it's fans, because we pay them. Why would we watch this sport if any team is found to be cheating? Far worse than cheating is the fact that there seems to be a cover-up by Goodell.

There is going to be a huge investigation, and rightly so. Specter has every right to dig into this. If any other company was known to be cheating its stockholders they would go down. ie. ENRON?

If found guilty severe punishment should be met as follows:

1. Belichick & staff should be banned from sports
2. Goodell should be fired
3. Patriots organization should have sanctions

I don't believe the players had a role in the cheating and they should be free to go to other teams.

This is sad for all the NFL fans.

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