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Do you even watch College Football or SEC Football?

"If ever there was an SEC team that was led by its defense, that team has to be the Georgia Bulldogs. This defense in 2008, was spectacular"...... Statistically Georgia had one of the worst defenses in the league last year and we relied on a high powered offense to win games for us. Our defense lost several games for us, including Alabama, Florida (which our offense did not help for that game either), and more notably our defense collapsed against Georgia Tech.

"the Georgia Bulldogs, from start to finish, were a tremendously impressive team in 2008, and, it seemed everything clicked on all cylinders."....What? We never clicked on all cylinders at any point last season. Ever! Our defense barely showed up for any game and our offense was sporadic, not to mention that we were decimated with injuries which caused our offensive line to change nearly every week.

"Bulldogs football program finally turned the proverbial corner, and is it now back and here to stay in the mix atop the SEC elite?".....Again What? We have won two SEC Titles since 2002 and played for 3. Mark Richt is one of only 7 coaches to reach over 80 wins in his first 8 seasons as a head coach and we consistently finish in the top 10 year in and year out, including several top 5 finishes and one top 2 finish. Where have you been?

Please do some research before posting about SEC Football. This was perhaps one of the worst and most inaccurate articles i have ever read. Not to mention that you simply do not know Georgia Football over the last 8 years!


Editor's Note: Thanks DC Dawg for your comments. I agree with much of what you say. So, based on your comments, we've "improved" the page. Thanks again.

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