Dawg fan by Fate, Vol fan by God

by george stuart
(Brandon, FL)

Since the run, jump, throw season is in recess I must comment on the Vol hardhat predicament. I'm a Gen. Neylandite by birth and I hope the brain trust at UT will come to their senses this coach hiring time. Unlike the situation when Dooley,the younger, was bought, Mr.Hart has enough time to screen some real football people without Kiffen 'cruits breathing down his neck asking "whodat" stuff "right now". I have my own druthers for the next coach- to- be, but no inside facts.

From what I read I can make a suggestion who should not be on the first page of suspects. a) Fulmer with great W-L stats-- but no invites at any known opening for a job, b) his cohort David Cutcliffe also in the Philmur regime at UT and fizzled out at Ol' Miss; still fizzling at Duke. c) What could "Chuckie" teach the single-wingers that they haven't already seen Tony Dungy do on TV? And what would this gang's record (only left-handed for Jon G.) be without the shafted Heisman Trophy winner's credentials? As we all can say: "I could coach Peyton by phone- just let him know when the kick-off is".

BTW Mo, in the non-track season Jon Stuart has a video on sale now as a result of his lecture at a T&F confab. More when I can see the key board. Cheers to you and all your
readers, George S., the Hillbilly sand flea.

P.S. If records count, see the "1938(?) Vols' undefeated, unscored upon season.

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