Dave "Scarlet & Grey"

by David
(Dumfries, Virginia)

I won't bore anyone with predictions about who will win because in all honesty it comes down to the best executed game plan, the best coaching decisions, and the fewest turnovers. Both teams are talented and on paper it should be interesting no matter who wins.

The fact of the matter is we do indeed need a bowl system. There are enough bowl games to support the conference winners going head to head in single elimination off two brackets. Last two left standing deserve to be there because of luck (injuries and intangibles), as well as the fact they played consistently well enough to demonstrate their team talent as a whole.

Obvious negatives are:

1. Pro Football won't like that (for obvious reasons).
2. Academicians in the NCAA will scream blue-bloody murder because of the stress it puts the student-players under.
3. Risk of injury is raised significantly
4. Regular conference seasons must be frozen at 10-11 games.

Positives are:

1. Incredible fan appeal. More Pro Football/College Basketball hybrid playoff. Better representation of true champion.
2. $$$$ for NCAA

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Dec 17, 2007
Nice Summary of Pros and Cons of Playoff's
by: Mo

David -- Thanks, nice summary both sides of the argument. And, it seems the pros have it. So, why don't the "powers that be" do it? I can't think of a good reason beyond inertia.

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