Concerned Patriot Fan

by John

As always, in life, we are guilty and vilified, once accused. The Pats were caught taping the Jets, which had no bearing on that game, as stated by the Commish. They were fined, and then they turned over materials to the NFL. That seems weird, but that was the agreement.

If there was more incriminating stuff on those materials, the commissioner said that there could be further disciplinary action.

As far as anything else, here are the real questions. Was there taping prior to this, how did it help, how far back does it go, and who knew about it?

I find it hard to believe that with all the coaches and players out there that were once with the Pats, No one has come forward till now. I'm sure that there are at least a few of those people who do not like Bill or the Pats, but still no one had anything to say.

So, either everyone is afraid of the mobster, Bill, or this is more of a common practice than people want to admit.

For example, watching the superbowl pre-game show, Ron Jawarski (Jaws), was speaking with Steve Young and stated that cheating was not a new thing, and that teams in the 70's that he played with and against tried everything.

Does that make it right? Absolutely not! But lets have some perspective. If you want to investigate the Patriots, you need to investigate the whole league, and that is what I think people don't understand.

The NFL is the most popular league, and they do not want to ruin that. All you have to do is look at how many teams are up in arms about the Pats. None!

The only people complaining are former players, politicians, and fans.

One last thing. To discredit anything the players have done is unfair. Even if the Patriots video taped the Rams prior to that superbowl, what difference did it make? Supposedly they taped the Rams red zone offense. It is my recollection that every time the Rams got into the red zone in that game, they scored.

And how about this superbowl? What if the Giants cheated, and I'm not suggesting they did, but does it take away from the fact that it was a great game? No!

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