candace parker is my role model !!!!!!!!!!!!!

by shalee a.k.a sha hay

The lady vols are awsome and i believe they could win another nation championship if they put thier hearts to is all about HEART.

My biggest and only dream is to go to UT in college. And candace if u ever look at this comment i want u to know that i am ur biggest fan and u r my role model... i would do anything to meet u...

all of my friends say i am pretty tall to be a 13 year old but i just keep in my head that i am goin to get a lot taller like u...i have been on the middle school team for three years and i am the starting point guard...i am always playin with the boys and whoopin their butts. they get so mad when i beat them and all the other guys make fun of the ones i beat and they say ''well she is not really a girl''

it is so funny...i watch all of the games that r on tv...and after the game against stanford when that carrie underwood song started playin i cried at the end cuz candace closed that big book and said''the end.''

and every day after school i get on my moms lap top and go on youtube and watch all the videos on candace mom gets aggravated cuz i show her the videos over and over...

well i just wanted to say what i thought about the lady vols and candace parker....i love u all !!!!!!

p.s. pat you r the best coach ever....and shannon bobbit u r my other role model....also alexis hornebuckle is right after candace she has some killer moves.....

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