Cam for Heisman unless Oregon's AD has his way

by Biggest SEC FAN

Has anyone heard that Oregon Ducks Athletic Director Rob Mullens hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Cam Newton to taint him for getting it so the wanna be number one team in that nation's RB can get the votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean I hate the Gators but Urban Myers loved Cam and helped him transfer, why would he bring up the dirt that would make him look bad too????

I know that duck wants to hype up their team because they know we would kill them in the National Chapionship game....

Go SEC baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nov 10, 2010
Cam conspiracy
by: Anonymous

Interesting how when the press digs up some dirt on Auburn´s golden boy quarterback, you idiots think it is a conspiracy by the Oregon AD. The Ducks have consistently not even gotten involved in the Heisman hype, and have actually been focused on winning games, and letting the Heisman crap sort itself out as it will.

Let´s see.......Allegations about money, cheating, (multiple times), on exams, computer theft, etc., etc., etc. Sounds like Oregon´s problems with their,(Masoulli), previous quarterback, who they dismissed from the team, only to be rapidly accepted with open arms at Mississippi.Which I assume is still an SEC team??

The obvious difference here is that Oregon dealt with the situation instead of blaming everyone involved in the investigation , and painting them as conspirators.What team in the SEC would kick their starting QB ,(and Heisman hopeful in his own right ),off the team before the season started? And.....All the Ducks have done since is go undefeated with an untested sophomore replacement.

As far as wannbe champions goes, you need not look any farther than Auburn.In case you havn´t noticed, Oregon is first in all of the polls.

If both teams can win out then they will probably get to meet in the championship game....But be careful what you wish for. Auburn is nothing more than a one trick pony, and without Cam the team would be wallowing in mediocrity. No wonder you are looking,(and hoping),to find an army of conspirators luking in the shadows.

Nov 10, 2010
by: Thulsakhan

is this just fanciful conjecture or do you have any proof? also are you insinuating that Cam has done something wrong that Oregons A.D. would be able to uncover if he has his way??

Nov 10, 2010
you must be kidding!!
by: Anonymous

You are missing the point here. It is not whether the Auburn QB is guilty or not of any of the transgressions he is accused of. The point here is that instead of creating some lame ass conspiracy theory about the Oregon AD paying for a private eye to gather info on Newton, you should actually take a look at the man under the microscope.

Although there is yet no proof, there are plenty of allegations from source after source, (of violations a plenty), from very credible people. Instead of giving someone blanket amnesty simply because he happens to play for your favorite team, you might want to check into the claims made against Newton, as well a who the accusers actually are.

Of course it is much easier to make crap up, and create hidden conspiracies about how the world is against poor defenseless Cam, even as he refuses to comment on the allegations.

Whatever comes out of this is all the result of what Newton did or didn´t do.......(unless, maybe, he has been captured by aliens, and been replaced by foreign spawn!!!!),and time will bear that out either way. What is for sure, is that the AD of Oregon has better things to do than worry about this, or get involved in any way.

If you can read, you might browse the many stories on this subject, and who wrote them. I find the stories are coming from ESPN, Fox Sports, The New York Times, as well as other sources from the SEC, and people associated with Newton while he was attending Florida, and also while he was seeking a new college after leaving the Gators.

Nothing,(so far, from the Oregon AD, but give him a little time, because right now the team is trying to win a few more football games.

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