buckeye fan

by Alex Keshner

why does everybody think that we will lose??? i'll admit that our schedule was weak, but if we sucked so much we wouldn't have won all those games.

LSU does have the SEC title, but they have two losses. UGA has only one loss and deserves it more.

also, LSU has the home field advantage. key word here is HOME FIELD. you guys are all idiots. GO BUCKS!

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Dec 06, 2007
Georgia does not deserve this game
by: Rob

Sorry but when you don't win your division it should automatically eliminate you. If your conference chooses to create a CCG, you can't then complain about not being chosen because you can't win your division.

Same reason Kansas wasn't and shouldn't have been in consideration.

Dec 29, 2007
Wrong and Double Wrong
by: Anonymous

Firstly,, LSU is the SEC champ and Georgia is not.. Lsu has 2 losses and georgia has one, but played one less game.. Makeing lsu the clear choice.

OSU will probally loose because they do not have enough speed to cover the outsides on the run. they will also have problems with lsu passing game. Lsu has 2 that can run. OSU will have to play perfect and lsu will have to be awful in order for OSU To win,. we will see.

Jan 05, 2008
Your schedule no weaker than LSU's
by: Anonymous

LSU's schedule was nothing special. Away games at Ole Miss/Miss St/6-6 Alabama (they almost lost)/Kentucky(they lost) isnt very impressive. The rest of there games were in Louisiana - just like the title game. But, oh, they did travel to Tulane!

Jan 05, 2008
by: Anonymous

LSU is going to rock ohio states world. we have awesome running backs, 2 fairly good qbs, and a kick *** defense. plus, we play in the SEC, u guys play in the big ten, big whoop. not very much competition there i dont think. LSU will win, def. then ull shut the **** up about saying we dont belong there

Jan 08, 2008
by: Cain Dove

Who is the idiot now? Did you REALLY think that Ohio State would win? I mean come on! Oh and by the way LSU did not choose the site of the game. The idiots that thought Ohio State should even be in the national title game chose that spot! So stop your crying and take your medicine like a big boy!

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