Bill Belichick: Why in the world did you do this?

Patriots fans crow that their team did not need to cheat in order to win games. Let us assume this is true. The question then becomes, "Why did you feel the need to do this, Bill Belichick? If you truly are an outstanding coach of an outstanding team, then why did you do this?"

Editor's Note: I completely agree with your sentiments. What Belichick did has discredited everything the Patriots have accomplished in his tenure. At least, until they are able to show they didn't cheat in all those other games. So, far, Belichick and the Pats have been less than forthcoming. only seems reasonable to assume the worst at this point.

Why would he do this? I think this is just the classic case of someone so strongly committed to something (winning) that he lost his moral grounding. It's a problem that has plagued high performing people for eternity.

To be the best, you have to want it more than anyone else and you have to work harder than anyone else. It is really easy, I think, to lose your grounding and go over the line.

Also, to be fair, trying to intercept opponents signals is something that has always gone on. In fact, it is perfectly legal if done correctly. For instance, overhearing an opposing coach say what play they are running is fine. Even watching his hand signals and trying to decipher them.

But, with technology the way it is, the NFL outlawed videotaping opponents signals. That crossed the line. Belichick knew it, but thought it was close enough to the line that he rationalized it as OK.

And he's under great pressure to win. Mostly self-imposed.

And, he thought he could get away with it.

All I want to know is the truth about exactly what was done when.

A just resolution can be determined once all the facts are in.

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