Best Quarterback in SEC History: Georgia Bulldog's QB David Greene?!?

Georgia Bulldog QB David Greene

Georgia Bulldog QB David Greene

Who is the best quarterback in SEC history?

What about the winningest QB in NCAA D-1 history?!?...David Greene!!!

David won 42 games in a span of 4 years. He was named SEC Offensive Rookie of the Year after the 2001 season, and was the 2002 Offensive Player of the Year for the SEC!

Do you know who he passed to become the winningest QB in history?? Peyton Manning!! Greene led UGA to a 13-1 season in 2002, won the SEC title and the Sugar Bowl.

Both Greene and Manning never won a Heisman or a National Championship.....but Greene did beat Florida in 2004, unlike Peyton!

Editor's Note: Support for this can be found at the following PDF which shows Greene #1 in all-time SEC QB wins; Manning #2. See
SEC All-Time Quarterbacks Records.

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Oct 16, 2007
David Greene is a good choice
by: Mo

Thanks for you nice post about David Greene. We actually thought a lot about him. As you note, he did have a great college football career.

He did win more games than Peyton, but many of Manning's other SEC records still stand.

True, neither won a Heisman, but Manning came a lot closer.

But, more than that, we think, when talking about the best all-time SEC quarterback, we should include the whole picture. We should look at which quarterback is recognized as the best ever.

To do that, you have to take into account what they did in the NFL.

When you include NFL achievements -- there is no competition.

David Greene has never played a down in a regular season game in the NFL. Last I checked he was on the New England Patriots practice squad.

We all know what Peyton Manning has done as a pro.

But, certainly David Greene was an outstanding SEC quarterback.

Great picture by the way.

Thanks again.

May 05, 2008
by: Anonymous

I don,t understand why people want to judge a great college player by what they do in the NFL. He asked about a SEC player not a NFL player. Peyton led real good players and had an open passing offense in college. David played with a group of nobodys on offense and a run oriented offense. So to me I think there both great but neither are the best Sec quarterback there is and i'm a huge uga fan.

Apr 16, 2009
Fran's the Man
by: Anonymous

Fran Tarkenton was probably the best the SEC ever saw or will see again for a quarterback.

Aug 27, 2009
I hate to say that Timmy is now the best ever IMHO
by: UGA_Dawgs_fan

I's true that once Peyton and David enetered the NFL they were no longer in the SEC and their NFL careers have nothing to do with their SEC status. If you're going to look at who was the best QB to come from the SEC then Fran Tarkenton would also be in the mix with Peyton. Presently Tim Tebow may take the title of best SEC QB away from both David and Peyton. Greene was the winningest QB in NCAA D-1 history and Peyton set a lot of records, but Tebow has set a few himself and has won the Heisman along with numerous other awards. I hate UF but have to give Timmy his due credit.

Jul 02, 2010
Sec History?
by: Anonymous

You can't say Greene had a bunch of nobodies surrounding him when he won 42 games in 4 years. That sounds to me like a pretty good team. Greene was an outstanding college player and in the top 5, but I have to give the nod to Peyton Manning on this one and I can't stand the vols.

Aug 26, 2010
Tebow not even the greatest gator
by: Taurence

Danny Wuerfful is the best Qb in SEC history. He LED the Gators to 3 SEC Championships and 2 Natl Championship games. Tebow played on 2 championship teams but he only LED them to 1 SEC and 1 Natl championship.

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