Belichick and Patriots: Go Directly To Jail! Liars

by Ron
(Austin, TX)

In the not too distant past it seems that a major headline story was sentencing Martha Stewart to prison for "lying" to agents about insider trading.

I think she would have gladly dropped the cold cash equal to the fine that the Patriots and their head coach paid to avoid serving time. Does the word "Conspiracy" not seem obvious to anyone else.

It would be virtually impossible to not realize what was happening if you were on the Patriot's team. Players had to be aware of the fact the other team's plays were being read or they could not have successfully countered the other teams plays.

The outcome of professional sports games has a huge effect on a lot of people; careers are made or broken, winning boosts concessions sales and so the profits of the team. Billions of dollars are spent each year on the NFL and if your piece of the take is bigger because you cheated then you need to be given the boot.

It comes down to fixing the game without the other team being included in the scam. If you did not have the backbone to come forward and expose the scandal then you should all be barred from the game for life.

People are being sentenced for steriods use because it is seen as giving an unfair advantage, well this is so far beyond that I cannot imagine doing anything worse. The Patriots should be renamed the X-Patriots.

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