by Ken Leonard
(Milton, Ontario, Canada)

I believe after the news came out about the cheating against the Rams as well that Belicheat should be banned from the league.

Robert Kraft should be made to sell the team. The team itself should be dispersed throughout the league like an expansion draft.

The Patriots can then and only then resume play with new owners right down to the bottom strength and conditioning coach. They would be a "new" expansion team and can have an expansion draft and start over.

Mr Kraft should apologize to the other teams in the Super Bowls and the other teams that lost in the AFC Championships.

Bill Cowher was given a hard time for not winning those games in Pittsburgh. Would the Steelers now have 2 more trophies in their case? They would've been favorites both times in the Super Bowls. I hope the NFL deals with this issue severly.


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Feb 05, 2008
I second that motion
by: Rick

the 1919 BlackSox were banned for life from ever playing baseball again. That was the price for cheating. Why should Belicheat be any different?

Belicheat is a disgrace to the NFL. I don't care how many Super Bowls he wins, his classless, unethical behavior means he is not fit to shake the hands of coaches like Lombardi, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, Marv Levy and so many others much less share the title of coach.

Kudos to the Giants for ending the Patriot's shot at history. It's now time for the termination of belicheat's career.

Let him sweep floors or wash cars for a least then he'll make an honest living instead of a dishonest legacy.

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