Bama Rolls Arkansas

by Dyke Marler

Take that Arkansas.

With your Red Out and running through your pig snout and your subpar defense and their endless trash talking and your 6' 7" QB with the White Thug accent and your no running game and your gift wrapped first downs from bad spots and, oh yeah, those two Mark Ingram stiffarms.

Take those too Arkansas.

Now you know what a Champion looks like. Just because this game was a big deal to Arkansas, doesn't mean it was a big deal. Just ask Auburn or Tennessee or Texas.

Did you really think that you were going to stop Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson? And did you also think that McElroy was going to lose? Or that all the trash talk would stop Julio? Has it ever? If you are unclear on that answer, consult Patrick Peterson at LSU.

Now you know what a number 1 recruiting class looks like. They don't exactly play like the Georgia Bulldogs in a down year, do they? No sir, they do not. And a Head Coach who has won National Championships at two schools. And a Defensive Coordinator who shut down your "high octane" offense in the 2nd half. Well, you call it high octane, I call it one dimensional. It should be abundantly clear to you why Kirby Smart won the Frank Broyles Award as the Nation's best assistant Coach.

You want trash talk? Alabama has more true junior draft prospects than you have prospects. They have not lost a regular season game in two years. Have not allowed an individual back to gain 100 yards in almost 3 years. Have
won 24 consecutive games in which they have an interception. A QB who is a candidate to be a Rhodes Scholar-no reflection on your guy of course.

I could go on and on with this but it is pointless to do so. Just like it was pointless for your DB's to talk trash on every play to Julio. I can illustrate the differing mentalities by highlighting two plays from the game. When Robert Lester intercepted Mallett late in the 4th quarter he turned the ball upfield, changed directions and got every yard he could squeeze. That led to the winning touchdown. When Rudell Crim intercepted McElroy in the 2nd quarter, with no Bama player within 10 yards, he strolled out of bounds.

This was not a three quarter contest. Or one to see whose fans could create the most gimmicks to get excited. Or a passing league. This was a game of action, not talk. For celebrating a win, not for having the potential to win.

And just so you will know what's coming-Auburn will make you go the full 60 minutes too. At their house.

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By Mo Johnson, Copyright © 2006-2017

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