Bad Article -- No wonder your not writting for something better

by James
(West Palm Beach, FL)

Maybe you do write for something better, and that is why I don't see your name here. Just so you know it was not illegal to tape prior to 2005. Also you did not put a link to a copy of the memo and I don't believe that you paraphrased it right. He took responsibility for breaking the rules but the video could not be used in game to help them. You can't have electronic equipment with you at half time, and the time to decipher anything would be too long.

With that teams regularly change their signals because everyone knows people are watching if by photo or by transcribing and watching with binoculars.

If you don't think the punishment is hard the patriots have gotten lots of good players from later picks. The other first round pick was gotten because of a player that the 49ers got. Would you have them take Brady or some other player. That punishment will really affect them.

And if the "cheating" is what made Brady so good what is the reason now and why didn't it help Bledsoe more.

There is so much else that could be said about this junk you called an article but I have to work.

Either way go Bulldogs.

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Dec 13, 2007
Link to Belichick's Statement
by: Mo

James, appreciate your comments. Sorry you apparently don't like the site. In any event, here's a link to Belichick's full statement "on this matter." Won't take you long to read. Cheers.

Belichick's Statement.

Feb 10, 2008
Could'nt Agree More
by: pphilroger

You said it right. The Pats won because of a great QB in Brady and a strong defense. Mental toughness helps too.

Feb 18, 2008
by: Anonymous

absolutely right

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