Auburn Fans BCS Revenge

by Hogfan23

Auburn fans will finally gain revenge on the B.C.S. this year for what happened a few years ago when they went undefeated but were left out of the championship game. Do you think you could imagine being the fan of an undefeated BCS conference team who is left out of the title game and left out of the title talk when it's over.

I'm an Arkansas fan and we don't get any chances around here, so if we got any chances around here, so if we got one I'd be extremely upset and I believe I'd be picketing or something if there was that kind of incident going on.

Let's say Mallet were to have gone to the Heisman trip and we wouldn't have lost a game and won our bowl game, but not been awarded the championship. I think I would still be talking about that with the boys. There's just no way I'd let that go.

It always comes around though. Now they have the best player in the nation playing on the best team in the nation. Gus has got that team playing awesome and the Tigers should be able to take care of Oregon and avenge the BCS snub in 2004 and make the Auburn fans forget their heartache.

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