by LeftyS
(Upper Midwest)

Carly Simon performed a great song by this title many moons ago. And what is about to transpire on an SEC gridiron reminded me of it.

Being the old timer that I am, perhaps the greatest match I have ever anticipated in this great game of college football was the clash between Nebraska and Oklahoma in 1971. While the event took place in the Midwest, we fans in NYC were exceedingly eager for the game to take place as were fans throughout the entire USA. And, as you older folks know, we were not disappointed in the quality of that game. In fact, many years later people still rightfully refer to it as the GAME OF THE CENTURY.

39 years later I am in VERY eager anticipation of tomorrow's match between Alabama and Florida. No, it is not between # 1 and # 2 as it was in 1971. But you can bet it will match that earlier game for intensity and quality of play. I bet that a full generation from now people will look back and say that it, too, was deserving of a title such as Game of the Century or at least of the season.

How fortunate we are that we can escape from the turbulence of these troubled days with wonderful events such as SEC football. The fun and excitement we will all enjoy will strengthen and enable us to cope with difficulties and give us the joy needed to go forward with optimism and determination. As with Carly Simon's song, despite whatever else transpires, we will be able to look back at these wonderful contests and say 'These are the good old days'.

Enjoy the match!!

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