All warm weather teams! And where are these bowls played?

by Brian Brown
(Fresno, Ohio)

I would say that in recent years the SEC has been one of the top 2 conferences almost every year.

That said, I don't think the gap is nearly as wide as ya'll down south seem to think. Take any of your teams and throw them in the Big Ten and it won't take long for them to start changing the make-up of their team. I guarantee it.

First off there's the weather. If you can't run the ball consistently, and I mean pound it between the tackles you won't compete for a championship in the Big Ten. Therefore your offensive lines will become bigger and slower.

Alabama is the one team out of the SEC that this year I believe could have competed for the Big Ten Title, with Auburn a close second with the running of Cam Newton similar to Ohio State.

So now with the need to pound the rock because of the cold, snow, wind, and rain late in the season, you better have some big NFL style linebackers to stop these big backs running behind these mammoth lines.

My thinking on why you do consistently well in bowl games is you're built for it. I mean no disrespect because you have great teams but they're built to play in good conditions.

It's not that any of the SEC couldn't come up late in the season and win in the bad weather, it's that they couldn't do it week after week! This is the same problem I have with Boise ST. and other non-BCS teams. They have the ability to win against almost any BCS team in a 1 game scenario, but they would have no chance of winning the Big Ten or SEC!

Take a look, since there's some OSU bashing where we played the bowls, not only in weather The SEC is built for but mostly in their backyard.

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Dec 16, 2010
Who Cares
by: Anonymous

Who cares about football in the cold. We don't have any need to play fat slow between the tackles football. We do what we do here and it seems to be you who need to make the changes. Even the NFL is going more and more to dome stadiums. And I can't remember when a National championship or any other BCS bowl was played in the snow up north. That seems to go for SuperBowls as well! The old day's of yankee football is over in college and becoming that way in the NFL. Only a idiot doesn't want the best playing conditions so that the BEST players can show what they can do. Mud and snow bowls are fun when your in the back yard but this is BIG TIME sports now! Good luck Little 10, Your going to need it!!!

Dec 17, 2010
Dont Argue with SEC fans
by: Buckeye Bill

Brian, Don't even bother arguing with these SEC clowns. They are like arguing with an insane person. No matter what you say, they will come up with some illogical statistic and start name calling. Forget last year that the Big 10 went 4-3 in bowls. Forget that PSU beat LSU and that it took an overtime miracle for Auburn to beat Northwestern. Forget that OSU crushed Oregon in the Rose and set an all time posession record of 41 minutes in a game. Oh yeah, and we were too slow to even have a chance against them and won 26-17. The SEC is the greatest, even though the Big 10 has an all time winning record against them. Oh yeah, and forget that the PAC 10 has a winning record against them in the last 10 years. They are the greatest and dont you forget it. LOL!

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