Alabama vs Notre Dame

by Kavin Caruso

This title does not mean the games between Alabama and Notre Dame, this title is about the Championships and Heisman winners between these two powerhouse schools.
Alabama, who is in the SEC West, have been the Capital of College Football for a long time. They have won 14 National Championships, with only 1 Heisman winner. Notre Dame who is in the Independent, have won 11 National Championships, with 7 Heisman winners. It’s also a Catholic school that has the priests that chooses the football coaches.

Alabama and Notre Dame have played football for a long time. Both schools played against each other twice in the 70’s in bowl games. Notre Dame beat Alabama back to back times, 1973-1974. Notre Dame beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl in 1973, 24-23. In 1974, Notre Dame beat Alabama in the Orange Bowl 13-11 (1/1/75). The reason I am bringing this up is, Alabama only has 1 Heisman winner, but with 14 National Championships! There is something wrong with this picture. Not even Joe Namath won the Heisman, or Ozzie Newsome, or Johnny Musso, or even Shaun Alexander. Last time Notre Dame won a National Championship was in 1988. Last time a player out of Notre Dame won the Heisman was in 1987, Tim Brown.

Notre Dame had great players that played for them. Players like Tim Brown, John Huarte who won the Heisman in 1964, and Paul Hornung who also won the Heisman in 1956. One of the reasons why Alabama only have 1 Heisman winner is that many of the football writers are from the north or out west. For a long time, writers wouldn’t like teams from the South, particularly from the southeast region. Heck even Wisconsin Badgers have more Heisman winners than Alabama Crimson Tide. Wisconsin has 2 Heisman winners, Alan Ameche in 1954, and Ron Dayne in 1999. Wisconsin doesn’t even have 1 National Championship in their football program. That shows you that even teams in the north that plays very well at times, can still get recognized.

Alabama has won 2 National Championships in the last 3 years. 2009, everything went their way. Alabama finally got a Heisman winner in Mark Ingram, who now plays for the New Orleans Saints. They beat Texas in the BCS National Championship game. Last year Alabama won the National Championship game by beating LSU 21-0, which was a rematch from earlier in the season. LSU won the first game in OT 9-6.

Alabama had a great coach name, Paul “Bear” Bryant. He coached Alabama from 1958-1982. Notre Dame had 3 great coaches in the last 90 years. Knute Rockne from 1918-1930. In 1964, a guy name Ara Parseghian coached Notre Dame from 1964-1974. In 1986, Lou Holtz stepped in as Head Coach at Notre Dame. Lou Holtz coached the Fighting Irish from 1986-1996.

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Jul 22, 2012
Logically speaking...
by: Anonymous

I think this shows that although Alabama has had many standout players, Alabama is truly a team - more interested in the team effort and winning championships. Notre Dame, although every bit as dedicated to winning, has not had the same good fortune in assembling complete teams as has Alabama. It may be that it is easier to be a standout on a team that is less well rounded than one that has excellent players in every position; therefore, Notre Dame has more players winning Heisman trophies, and Alabama has more championships.

Jan 09, 2013
head to head in 2013
by: Mo Johnson

Well we certainly saw in the 2013 BCS National Championship game which is currently the better football team.

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