Adolph Rupp Best Ever -- No Maybe About It

Rupp is at the top of the class in the SEC, no question. But Wooden's teams from 1948-75 at UCLA put him in a class all by himself. I'd like to hear arguments otherwise.

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Dec 22, 2010
Wooden Is Tarnished Hero
by: Anonymous

if you take the total career in to account Wooden is not even in the talking for best coach ever.. before the 1964 season when players admitted they began being payed by boosters.. wooden did not produce any titles.. all of his success came in a very controversial and tainted dominance that was well noted by players coaches and sportswriters as playing ineligible players .. The scorn for calipari is well documented today.. but the love fest for a man who walked outside the lines for 15 years continues til this day..

you compare the coaches to todays standards.. Wooden would have been fired for his performance.. it took him 15 years and payment induced players to win.. that is not coaching.. that is cheating.. granted other coaches have had ncaa infractions .. but this man did it for an unprecedented amount of time and the ncaa turned it's head and then went back after he retired and gave them a slap on the wrist.. wooden is forever tarnished along with his accomplishments..

you cannot tell me that after 15 years of mediocre that a coach wakes up one day and is the best that has ever been..Rupp dominated the sport for 40 years.. there were infractions he paid for.. but the level of UCLA biased and the length of that biased has forever been a black eye on the sport.. a black eye wooden will never relinquish.

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