A distant Patriots fan

by Harry

Most certainly there should be a full investigation. Integrity is one of our most valuable assets, as an individual (Bill Belichick or Roger Goodall), a team (The Patriots), or organization (the NFL).

Without a full investigation it brings into question everything the coach has done and is still doing, the teams performance, and the NFL.

If more taping or jamming is found the coach then should be fired. The team needs to have the integrity and courage enough to stand up and take accountability for allowing this to go on. It's like a family's "dirty little secret" where a parent sexually abuses his/her children.

But this time the rape is of the NFL and the family members, the team, are keeping it a secret. The parent in this case is obviously Bill Belichick.

The comparison might sound harsh but it fits. The Patriots need to step forward as a team.

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Oct 19, 2007
Maybe Someone in Foxboro is Listening
by: Mo

Thanks Harry for your thoughtful comments. You obviously take the situation seriously. Most Patriots fans try to brush it off and just say everyone cheats; it's not big deal.

I tend to agree with you. At a minimum we need a full investigation and Belichick should have to tell the truth.

Hopefully someone in the Patriot's organization gets your message.

Dec 29, 2007
try being objective and know your facts
by: Ken

Hello Harry,
I wonder what your thoughts are for the NY Jets since they were caught last year doing the same thing when they played the Patriots. I guess because the Patriots only told them to stop and did not call the NFL makes their RAPE less meaningful. Please get your facts straight before judging. But I cannot only blame you, how many times have you heard about the Jets taping from the field after the memo went out last September. Maybe it is because the Jets are a low interest story, who really cares about a team that has a 3-12 record, even if they were caught first.

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