1961 Alabama Crimson Tide -- No Way -- It Was a Different Era

by j mack
(elcajon, ca)

Hey guys that's a "no" on the 1961 Alabama Crimson Tide.

Let's look at some key facts.

First off, that team played in an era when they didn't face balanced offenses so that 6 shut out stat would not happen against today's teams (hint Miami hurricanes of the 80's and USC trojans matt leinhart and company).

Now let's also face another fact. I don't mean to sound like a racist but get real there were no black athletes on that alabama team and we both know that those 4.7 40 yard dash 18 vertical leap white guys couldn't catch Reggie bush and his 30 inch vertical leap, nor tackle lynndale white.

Ed reed, shawn taylor could cover those alabama receivers and stack 8 or 9 guys on the line to shut down alabama's option which was the heart and soul of that offense.

2004 USC would win 24-7, 2001 Hurricanes 26-7.

Sorry guys it wouldn't be a good game.

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Feb 07, 2008
Understanding Ratings
by: Ken Brown

I think it is important to understand that college football teams can only be compared to one another within a range of 10-15 years. Granted the 61 Alabama team could not defeat a more modern team (2004 USC or 2001 Miami) but that does not diminish their greatness.

That would be like saying that the 1945 Army team was not great because they would get stomped by the 1995 Cornhuskers. Of course I never saw them play but '45 Army blew people away AND did it against the toughest schedule in the country that year.

In my opinion the biggest factor in deciding greatness is the strength of schedule...NOT winning margin where a team rolls up huge numbers against inferior foes.

I wrote a page on this site where I said I thought 2004 USC Trojans is the best team ever. A big part of that reasoning that I did not explain is that 2004 USC went 13-0 against a schedule that Sorensen college ratings ranked 5th that season.

The 2001 Miami team which was pretty awesome too went unbeaten against the 27th toughest schedule that year and the 1995 Nebraska played the 24th most diffucult schedule in their great championship year.

Think of it like this,you and I each coach our teams to 12-0 seasons. My team has a winning margin of 43-10 over the 28th toughest schedule in the country. You coach your team to a winning margin of 35-14 over the nations 4th ranked schedule...in my humble opinion you have the better team and that holds even if our teams played in different years within a decade or so.

It would probally be better to rank the greatest teams of each decade it would help offset the complex changes in the game and the tremendous growth of the players from say the 1940s to the present.

Hows this? 1940s '45 Army and '47 Michigan

1950s 1956 Oklahoma and 1958 LSU

1960s 1961 Alabama and 1968 Ohio st.

1970s 1971 Nebraska and 1972 USC 1980s 1987 Miami and 1988 Notre Dame

1990s 1995 Nebraska and 1999 Florida st and

2000s 2001 Miami and 2004 USC.

A person could make a case for anyone of the above dozen teams as the greatest ever and have a valid argument.

I love discussing college football and very much enjoy reading other people's opinions why they think a particular team was the best ever.

Just a closing note to those rabid Husker fans out there...that '95 team was great and deserves a spot with the best ever but....I truly think that your 1971 version was better and I KNOW they played the tougher relative schedule.

If I had the time I could write a whole page on that comparsion!

Nov 14, 2010
When I dont mean to sound racist, I dont spew racism.
by: Anonymous

'I don't mean to sound like a 1920's opera car but AAAAUUUUUGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAsputterspitclunksputterspitAAAAUUUUUGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAA.'

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